Craig Sylvester - Founder


Hello, I'm Craig Sylvester.  I own Michigan Kettlebell with my wife Dawn Sylvester.

We opened Michigan Kettlebells Oct 1st, 2011, with the goal of helping people incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. So that, they can live the life they deserve

January 9th, 2018. I decided after 11 years as a Professional Firefighter-Medic it was time to retire. I was in EMS for 3 years prior to that. So after 14 years of seeing so many patients who had to call 911 because of their poor health choices. I had to make the leap and become a full-time gym owner, because I can truly help more people with their health than I could as a Firefighter. 

Michigan Kettlebells is not just a business, its my passion. I want everyone who comes through our doors to have an awesome experience. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to meet and train with you soon.


Craig Sylvester

Dawn Sylvester - Co-Owner / Coach


After years of doing only cardio, and mindless dieting, I discovered how that was a path to injury and weakness. I have now been coaching mainly women for over 25 years into lives of getting stronger, and leaner while changing their relationships with food, and focusing on strength training to reshape their bodies.

Food is NOT the enemy. Proper nutrition vs. calorie counting diets is the difference between an energized, vital and lean body, or a weak body that gets flabbier as we age with health issues.

With a background in fitness training and sports nutrition, my goal is to coach each individual to feel, look and move better than ever.

One of my most challenging accomplishments was to compete in a Figure Competition in the Bodybuilding Division weeks before I turned 50. After walking away with 2 trophies, I proved that any woman, at any age can get stronger, leaner and more confident.

Whether you are new to exercise, need to lose a lot of weight, or are ready to take your body and life to the next level... your success is our goal and we have the tools to help you get there.

Contact me for personal training, and small women’s group training.

Our staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivating, and we are here to help you become, the best you can be.

 Derek Vercruysse - Coach

Derek gym.jpg

Derek has been at Michigan Kettlebells since the very beginning as member and after about a year, he became the first Coach we hired.

Derek is all things events from 5ks, Marathons, 24 hour events like GORUCK Heavy and The World's Toughest Mudder and everything in between.

He brings a passion and commitment to getting Stronger for Life, which is what Michigan Kettlebells is all about.

Cold weather, blazing heat, rain....doesn't matter. You will find Derek outside training and he loves to have people join him. Nearly every Sunday of the Derek you will find Derek at Stoney or Bloomer park with some other weirdos, with weighted backpacks, putting in miles, carrying logs, do push-ups and anything else they can think of.

Sean Kolber - Coach


Hi Everyone!

I'm Sean Kolber. I have been coaching at Michigan Kettlebells since July of 2016. I began focusing on health and fitness in 2008, working out so that I could excel in sports. I instantly found that I had a passion for exercising.

I have been consistently working out 4-6 days a week since then.

I started my career as a fitness professional in 2014 as a personal trainer at a big box gym in Chicago. I instantly fell in love with teaching and coaching people, the craft I had developed over 8 years.

Coming to Michigan Kettlebells was a change from what I had been doing before, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Kettlebells have become an asset to any workout I create for myself or others, with the addition of many other tools and bodyweight exercises that I incorporate into each session.

My goal is to make you move better, and make everyday tasks that used to be difficult, easier. My classes are enjoyable, but will get your heart rate up and make you sweat as you challenge every body part, with different moves and exercises in every class.

The best thing to hear from members/clients is when at the end of the workout they say they weren't "feeling it" before they came in... and that the workout was exactly what they needed.

I know then, that  I did my job.

Gary Brown - Coach

gary smile.jpg

Gary first started training in an athlete training program at Michigan Kettlebells as a sophomore in high school in 2012 in preparation of his upcoming wrestling season. He learned how to be mentally tough, push himself, and as a result, ended up qualifying for the MHSAA Wrestling State Championships his senior year in 2015.

The training from Michigan Kettlebells has inspired him to help motivate others to reach their fitness goals. He has his own fitness youtube channel consisting of workout tutorials, motivational speeches, and workout supplement reviews.

In September of 2017, Gary competed in his first ever Men's Physique Show and ended up taking home 1st place in both the True Novice and Open Divisions after following a strict diet for 11 weeks. Gary also intends on competing in powerlifting meets in the future.

Gary  has been a coach at Michigan Kettlebells since August of 2017, and enjoys watching each MKB member giving it their all during the workouts, and helping those that have challenges. He is in the process of completing nutrition certifications so that he can have a complete understanding of how to motivate and help each client reach success.