Hello, I am Dawn Sylvester, Craig's wife and co-owner of Michigan Kettlebells. 

I am passionate about aging with strength and never having to follow strict diets or counting calories. I want to coach you to be strong, lean, and live an empowered and live a long life with a lot of energy. 

I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and have a Specialist in Sports Nutrition Certification. I have been coaching women for 25+ years, and have created digital products for women, that thousands of women have used with great results.

Women that strength train, have confidence, are lean, fit and strong. They are balanced and able to ward off stress and some diseases...along with age-related weight gain... and are able to prepare for a vital future.

Learn how to eat for energy, and get the tight physique you’ve always wanted. Skipping meals and cardio alone will never change your body! 

I will show you how to have a body you are proud of no matter your age, your exercise ability or what you have tried in the past.

I offer Personal training and a Small Semi-Private style class on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 pm. This is the best option for most as it is an ongoing class and you can do either one or both days.

I am also available for Private Nutrition Coaching, and as a speaker for Women’s seminars.

Dawn Sylvester ISSA CFT, SSN

Please contact me with questions- 248-229-9470 or email me,


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Take the first small step to changing your body, and changing your life!

Coach Dawn 

Memberships for Michigan Kettlebells are not valid for Dawn's classes. Please contact Dawn for pricing.