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Hello, I am Dawn Sylvester. I am passionate about aging with strength and never having to diet. I want you to be strong, lean, and empowered. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and have a Specialist in Sports Nutrition Certification. I have been a weightlifter for 25 years. Women that lift weights have confidence, are lean, fit and strong. Get off of the diet roller coaster. Learn how to eat for energy, and get the tight physique you’ve always wanted. Skipping meals and cardio only will never change your body!  I will show you how to have a body you are proud of. I am an Isagenix Consultant and A Sunwarrior Affiliate. Outstanding products that are organic and pure, meant to detoxify and strengthen the entire body. Get rid of toxins that can be holding you back from reaching your goals. Get fit, get strong. Contact me.

Personal training. Buddy training. Bootcamp style classes on Sundays. Nutrition coaching. Women’s seminars.

Dawn Sylvester ISSA CFT, SSN

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